Registration and Theme


Event: 2nd Annual Walk With Thought
Date: Saturday, March 25 2017
Times: Noon till 4:00 PM
Distance: 5K (3.11 miles)
$17 includes registration and official t-shirt

Theme: Think-a-Thon

If you tell someone an important fact, they may forget it. If you teach them about an important fact, they may remember it. But if you teach and involve them in the process of learning an important fact, they will truly integrate it into their memory and possibly their lives. Due to this, our two central goals for this year is to educate and support. To that end, we have created a theme we call a “think-a-thon”.


Participants will complete the 5k course and make stops at local businesses to learn about an aspect of brain injury and disability. This may come in the form of information packets or prize giveaways for those who answer questions correctly. Each stop along the course will focus on a different aspect of brain injury and disability. One stop may teach about life after a Brain Injury, while another could provide information about available Multiple Sclerosis resources.


Participants will have the opportunity to walk in support of their own personal cause. Whether it’s for Traumatic Brain Injuries or another disability, the participant can walk to support it. As part of the registration check-in on the day of the walk, participants will indicate “who/what they are walking for”. Some examples are Traumatic Brain Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The choices are numerous and we encourage participants to choose a cause that has meaning for them on either a personal or professional level.

Participant Sponsors

Participants can get personal sponsors to support them on their walk. Whether the participant is walking for Traumatic Brain Injuries or Multiple Sclerosis, the personal sponsor supports the participant and their cause. Personal sponsors can donate any amount of money per lap of the course, with each lap being a stop at a local business along the course. As an example, a participant can have a personal sponsor that donates $20 per lap completed by the participant. If the participant completes 2 laps of the course, which is 2 stops at the local businesses, then the personal sponsor donates $40 to Walk With Thought. Personal sponsor forms must be submitted on the day of the walk with confirmation of laps completed done upon completion of the course.

Sponsor/Donation Form: Walk-With-Thought_Pledge-Form